4- Basic Formula

Basic Formula Sections: Set Analysis (also copying between sheets) Set Analysis Set analysis is quite frankly one of the hardest things to grasp in qlikview! (For it’s syntax if nothing else!) The best way to think of it is as a simple way to hard code search criteria into a formula, or hard code flexible […]

3- Displaying your data

Lets Get Creative! Sections: Editing Mode and Basic Sheet Formatting Creating Your First Table Editing Your First Table Turning a Table into a Chart Hot Swap Between a Table and a Chart Multiple Charts in One (Trellis charts) Moving PARTS of a chart around, the hidden secret! Search Criteria / Selection Menus Some basic setup […]

1- Getting Started with Qlikview

Getting Started Go ahead and download Qlikview for free! Download Qlikview I would also suggest signing up for the community as there is a lot of very useful information on there! You could book on some of the qlikview courses also, although you’ll very quickly out grow them, they’re great for giving you ideas to […]