Mimicing Section Access

This is a follow-on from my previous post on loading section access from SQL http://qlikanddirty.com/2017/03/29/section-access-from-sql-and-automating-wildcard-access/ What we will look at now is how you can create a system to mimic what other people can see, note because section access is applied in the document, users will still only be able to see their valid values. […]

SVG map with fixable opacity

The SVG Map extensions for qlik is brilliant and by default it scales the colours within your settings. However sometimes we just want to hard code an opacity so I just added that option in. The original question is here: https://community.qlik.com/message/1175242#1175242 As you can see from my eventual answer, if the user just wanted a […]

Sometimes its just simple…

Today I had to remind myself how simple the solutions can be sometimes. I’m working on optimising the QVD loads in a significant incremental load process, some simple changes dropped our reload time from 1hr15 to 41mins (30mins is SQL) but I figured I could strip out some time downstream as well by loading some […]