1- Getting Started with Qlikview

Getting Started

Go ahead and download Qlikview for free! Download Qlikview
I would also suggest signing up for the community as there is a lot of very useful information on there!

You could book on some of the qlikview courses also, although you’ll very quickly out grow them, they’re great for giving you ideas
to get started with. However, I am hoping that as this website expands, it’ll give you enough of a grasp of the basics to get you going! Remember, I can always come and
train you on specific items for a day!

For now though, use the menu on the left to navigate through some basic tutorials

Some Pre-Starting Thoughts

  • Qlikview is NOT a relational database
  • Qlikview is case sensitive, remember this when scripting and writing formula
  • With the Qlikview Server, RAM is highly important
  • Qlikview essentially drops and recreates the data ‘tables’ each time it is loaded (in basic terms)
  • Qlikview is free! You can create as many of your own dashboards as you want, but you can’t share them or open other peoples
  • Make SQL do the work! If you’re doing complex data manipulation or calculations, do these BEFORE Qlikview.
  • Data fields in Qlikview should only be loaded once (with exceptions of course)
  • Get your data structure right from the start, sometimes its a pain to change later

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